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I think it’s hilarious that so many people are sharing the 50 shades trailer it’s like it’s Twilight for old chicks or something. My favorite quote about 50 shades came from someone here on Tumblr who said “50 Shades doesn’t offend me as a librarian it offends me as a pervert.” I mean really people it’s amateurish at best there is so much better and more accurate erotica out there depicting this type of relationship…I mean really just ask..I’ll happily point you at some proper smut.
hell yes y’all do.
The older I get the more i realize i really do like big butts and I cannot lie. ;)
is it bad that I wanna do  this next time someone says it to me?

Ok, so it’s been awhile again so I’m going to repost the video since I invariably get messages asking what the title of my Tumblr refers to. It’s essentially this song.

The Cult - The Rain